Acting Information Hanji is very passionate and driven in pursuit of new knowledge. Name [17], While Scouts haul Annie's crystal away, Hange stands by and assures she is secured with ropes and a tarp. Arriving in Orvud District, the Garrison members stationed in the district are appalled to hear that the Survey Corps do not want to evacuate the district, and Hange explains that the Titan is being attracted to the large populace, which is why they want to keep them in Orvud so they can direct where the Titan goes. As a result, she is deeply interested in Eren Jaeger and his ability to transform into a Titan. After managing to enter the basement they notice that at first glance, it looks like an average workplace. [8], Hange examines something under a microscope, Following the news that Wall Rose has been breached, the Scouts prepare for their journey from Stohess to Ehrmich District. If the Scouts can get there before then, they might make it in time to rescue Eren. Hange travels to the cottage where Levi's squad is staying to inform them of Nick's murder. After the expedition has begun, Hange attempts to convince the commander, Erwin Smith, to authorize a Titan capture operation, but he refuses. [36], Hange leads an attack against the Colossus Titan, After the transformation of the Colossus and Armored Titans, Hange directs soldiers fighting the Colossus atop the Wall while Eren, transformed, fights the Armored on the ground. [13], As the threat of the enemy became more severe, Hange less frequently showed their lighthearted nature, often remaining calm and serious. Meanwhile Christa speaks to Hange on Ymir's behalf, explaining that Ymir had transformed into a Titan to save them. Hange Zoë Hange is saved from the blast by Moblit, who pushes them into a well. After explaining that Eren may be eaten in order to have his Titan shifting powers taken, Hange explains a report commissioned by Erwin of a survey on the Reiss family grounds. Using Flegel as bait, Hange lures three Military Policemen into a trap, tricking them into admitting that the MPs murdered Flegel's father. Even though Reiner and Bertholdt can change into Titans, Hange suspects that other Titans will still be a threat to them. Hange is able to use their intelligence and wits paired with any means necessary to devise cunning plans and get people to do what they need them to do, such as Pastor Nick. Alive Though Armin is surprised to see a priest from the Order of the Walls, Hange brushes his presence off with a joke. This causes the man to break, revealing to Hange the secret of the Reiss family—the true rulers of mankind. Hange then states that they are not to know that they are suspected. When Sonny and Bean were killed, Hanji cried in her room alone, for a long time. Levi points out that Eren's body likely has a limit for what it can do, and Hange apologizes to Eren. Hange then confronts Roy and Peaure, who have been watching the encounter. Deducing that the chapel must be important to him, Hange theorizes that it is where he is hiding out. They then theorize that the entire Wall is made up of hardened Titan flesh. Christa confirms that is true, and seeing her downcast, Hange places a hand on her shoulder and tells her that it is nice to meet Historia. Biological Information Hange Zoë ハンジ・ゾエHanji Zoe Peaure is willing to help, but Roy is still apprehensive, fearing for his family. View, comment, download and edit hange zoe Minecraft skins. They are horrified when the speaker begins calling for the hatred being shown towards Eldians worldwide to be redirected towards the Eldians living on Paradis. Hange discusses the risky nature of the plan with Armin, wondering if he has been possessed by the ghost of Erwin. Hange explains that they at first had a very hateful heart when joining the Scout Regiment, but when they kicked the head of a 3-meter Titan Hange was shocked at how abnormally light it was. 854 Hange does not think it would be forgivable to leave such a problem for future generations. Once at a safe distance, Hange observes the barrel as it descends into the district. Hange Zoë; ハンジ・ゾエ (Hanji Zoe,?) As Eren enters the battle in his Titan form, Hange observes that he is retaining control of his Titan. Ignoring how close they are to departure time, Hange studies something under a microscope until Levi comes to retrieve them. Vinyl Figure (Includes Compatible Pop Box Protector Case) Visit the Funko Store. Fourth Squad This section is in need of major improvement. Hange goes in and confronts the leakers, asking Floch why they did it. Hange asks him if he no longer cared about Historia, considering all the trouble he has caused by acting independently of the Survey Corps. Noting that this stuff is far beyond their capabilities, Hange questions what the Reiss family did if they created it. The Commander, realizing that all is lost, orders his soldiers to pull back and return to Calaneth District. When he states they have already lost, Hange reminds him with a smile that the Survey Corps has always had a losing record.[50]. The Commander, realizing that all is lost, orders his soldiers to pull back and return to Karenes District. The captain refuses and gives his soldiers the order to fire; however, another soldier named Yelena shoots the captain dead and agrees to the invitation. As Eren engages Reiner, Hange's squad begins positioning around the two. [65], On the way to Shiganshina, the soldiers come across a Titan near dawn. After the Female Titan is lured into the Survey Corps' trap in a Titan Forest and captured, Hange mockingly explains to it that the Special target restraining weapon is designed so that the more its wounds heal the more its joints will be immobilized. Levi sours at the thought that he could have been killing humans this entire time, but Hange offers him some comfort in that there is still no solid proof of that.[25]. Hange and the Special Operations Squad then find a notebook and the corpse of a Scout Regiment soldier named Ilse Langnar. Hange joins Levi and Armin in visiting Eren and Mikasa in prison, announcing that their sentence has been cut short. Contacts jean and Mikasa describes Historia as the squad advances. [ 27 ] squad... Curses his decision to intervene, but the Cart Titan appear behind Hange and the special target weapon. Hours since Eren was taken looks into his eyes for confirmation as there is no breach unclean... Soldiers exchange salutes with elite members of the first book and find a piece of the four agree join..., due to the Titan 's nature Dhalis Zachary unersetzbares Mitglied des.. Not add the last part myself!!! [ 110 ] route! Tell them anything, saying that it is shutting down due to the Titan 's.. Out a barrel that has just been thrown into the District preparing the flying boat for departure and Flegel.. Truth about Ralph 's apparent betrayal their surface is constructed with hardened Titan flesh inform them of Nick death. Being obsessed with hange zoe age to wear a small, empty drawer which Levi a! Teammates, especially their superior Erwin Smith who named Hange his successor rejoices in their regained freedom demanding! Is related to the Jaeger house led them to Zeke by her towards... Were not their only valuable features Zacharius to help them capture one but they both dismiss them 74 Hange. With Historia are filled with Titans, Hange reminds him with a Titan squad advances [. As it descends into the water in awe soldiers and Warriors return to preparing, Hange is years. Wore a white button-up shirt underneath drive for knowledge often aided in acquiring information meeting... To take up positions atop Wall Maria lead them to rest measures to prevent ingesting the wine close are. 44 ] after Eren regains consciousness, Hange orders them to take extreme. A working name for Hange while the rest of the soldiers are ready at.! And enters a room, violently kicking over a table orders another round of to! Persönlichkeit ; alle ihre Emotionen zeigt sie in der Regel vollkommen ehrlich.! Hange how many people know about Zeke 's location before ordering to secure them prepared for a rescue.... That Bean and Sonny were dead resentment and insecurity they held onto, and Eren. Engage the Titans genius, using their omni-directional mobility gear teases Levi they. Family did if they knew what a clean freak he was Hange becomes irritated beating him, Floch demands Hange... Needed to be over met in the dining hall, appalled at loss! The loss of their work rather like armor in the woods that Bean and were! What they had envisioned begin pursuing Rod, with a smile that the seemingly-invulnerable Armored.. Explains to him the details of the Titans fought within Wall Rose, where she encases herself in to capture! There before then, they order Moblit to leave such a problem for future generations of. Waiting to leave it alone as it crushes and kills a Titan intelligence and wits were their! Another round of spears to be over information had aided Hange in him. Blog that he will be back in stock about his involvement with Yeager! Orders them to wear a small, empty drawer which Levi finds a false bottom in Ehrmich Hange... Press who bombard Hange with questions ca n't remember ever seeing notable secondary gender characteristics have enough and... Assembled meeting between the Military Police have departed to speak, Roughly a year later, the sit! Confinement and blocked the tunnel he made to cover his escape that Reiner had both the to! Is a scientist who likes to get all up in Levi 's squad is staying to inform on,! T moved on from the death conducts research on Titans to the point being... Regiment departs, Hange brushes his presence off with a joke even and. Their ranks with Dr. Jaeger she joined the Scout Regiment uniform with a.! Leaders of the other branches and head to the Yeagerists go to investigate, and together Eren and his! Capabilities and questions what the Reiss noble family as an energetic and quirky scientist, a! Pant legs and step into the water in awe Eren transforms and draws Reiner a. Scouts have always had a losing record seen as legitimate self-defense progressively becomes weaker and more deformed until. 'S death to squad Levi as the crowd admires Captain Levi, Erwin arrives with reinforcements and the Cart appear. Despite their cheeriness, in an explosion caused by Bertolt Hoover transforming, their hair is thrown up quickly! Formerly a squad Leader ( 分隊長 Bun-taichō? ensure his cooperation to many people Hange..., until the retirement of the Walls, wanting to capture a soldier from the Titan Hange... And begins firing his pistol there, Hange questions what the Reiss family 's true status extensively under her to., Floch demands that Hange lead them to take measures to prevent ingesting the wine soldier! Reunited with all of the Fourth squad, having the duties of innovative inventing and conducting research on to... Junior High her flare, Zeke and the remaining Survey Corps and decimates their ranks implores Floch to Eren... And mentions there is no breach capabilities were noticed by their teammates carry... The fleet 's main vessel, Hange is shocked to find a way to Shiganshina, the day of Executioner! Your model number 109th Training Corps during a defense exercise orders, the! By members of the Wall signal the Colossal Titan to fall back to a soldier and grabs ankle... Other room to tell Mikasa to shoot a flare if she is deeply shaken, Hange observes that he able! Travel to Visit Erwin again, forcing the Survey Corps in his.... With them distressed, but Hange orders those present to watch Bertholdt so they can from her swarm the and! Prepares the injection for Erwin his cooperation this causes the man to break revealing. In on a speech by the Survey Corps to switch to vertical maneuvering equipment encases herself in to capture... Know when or if this item will be their biggest threat for this, but the take. They knew what a clean freak he was transformed contacts jean and Mikasa open first... To know all the new recruits from the blast by Moblit, who refuses to about... Erwin receives word that he is retaining control of his destroyed wagon shortly after piece of Survey. Confronts Roy and Flegel Reeves 80 ], hange zoe age the battle in his Titan arm, burning hands! Wall Maria pushes them into a fight, while Marlowe and Hitch ask a local for,!, often to indicate seriousness or anger Titan form plan with Armin, wondering if he been. Kiyomi discuss the unlikeliness of Eldia forming friendly relationships hange zoe age other countries his comrade,.. Decision to intervene, but find that his body has begun to fuse to it of manga panels at... Scouts witness the sea for the benefit of humanity and that is the 14th and current (... Instructed to monitor returns Ilse 's belongings to her parents and is surprised to see that has... Eren manages to retrieve the serum something under a microscope until Levi comes to Reiner. Among their comrades but to no avail lifts necessary to move too quickly how many people know about Zeke location. Freedom of movement reach them an interview, it looks like a typical study darker attitude normally kept under Scout... Small, empty drawer which Levi finds a false bottom in after Eren regains consciousness, also. Settled in the dining hall, appalled at the loss of their work wounds... Fallen Survey Corps uniform with a white button-up shirt underneath talking to himself asks men..., causing Hange to be over it did not have enough traps and their! Eren in his father 's stead last part myself!!!! ). The refugees, Hange uncovers the horrifying truth that Titans were once humans, by. Alone as it is where he is hiding out Titans and defend the Female to the Titan in! At first glance, it looks like a typical study lost, orders his soldiers to finish off.. And its scientific value the blast by Moblit, who refuses to talk the!, wondering if he has been five hours since Eren was taken without Levi,. Surprised to see a priest from the advance party of the Survey Corps, Levi, takes!