A Gentleman’s Dignity tells the story of a brotherhood of middle-aged men, 40 plus, who grew up as friends since high school and nurture their friendship since then. Watch fullscreen. As you may have already guessed from the title, it revolves around the eldest daughter of King Muryeong, the leader of one of the Three Kingdoms in ancient Korea. She meets an architect (Lee Min Ho), who is on a mission to redeem his father’s lost glory by analyzing a house designed by a legendary architect who is the lead girl’s father. Before he knows it, the cutely egoistic and mischievous Dokko Jin’s protective instinct is awakened by the pure-sometimes-vulnerable character of Ae-jung. *chuckles. Suspicious Partner (AKA Love in Trouble) is a suspense-filled, romantic thrill ride steeped in crime, love, and mystery. They work as a team to get to the bottom of the mysterious case, and, as I'm sure you've guessed, unexpected romance ensues. She genuinely loves both of them, and that just makes matters worse. Love stories need not to be so big in a romantic kind of way. The premise of having the heroine protecting the leading man is a breather from the usual vulnerable leading ladies needing a chaebol-in-the-shining-armor to rescue them. It marks all the bullet points of a lingering story even though the metaphysical milieu is tricky. Go Back Couple combines romance with time-travel to explore what it is that makes relationships work. This drama has an interesting fantasy aspect in that it incorporates dreams into the characters' romance, everyday life, and conflicts. He is uninterested in most things in life besides music. A young man (Lee Min Ho) from a rich household falls in love with a girl (Gu Hye Sun) from a poor family background. Because This Is My First Life is a circumstantial romantic drama that follows three unlikely couples down the bumpy road of love. Go Back Couple (12 episodes)5. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a ball of sweetness powered by endearing characters. In accordance to fulfilling a military order, North Korean spy Myungwol infiltrates South Korea in her goal to seduce Hallyu superstar Kang Woo (Eric) so that he defects to North Korea as part of their military plan to kill Korean wave. But given that sickness in K-dramaland usually involves amnesia or anything fatal, the unique illness conflict makes the drama attractive. I love them being together.. The constant humor and underlying romance between the leads gives a refreshing feel to the otherwise action and twist packed series. 46 : maris Says: February 9th, 2015 at 3:50 pm. In the sea of dramas where stories are usually woven from the rich-boy-poor-girl love affair or the male-pretending-lead-girl, a you-and-me-against-the-ghosts love story hits all the romantic nerves in my body even with its comic spooky vibes. These 15 Kdramas are all about what happens when office employees get entangled in a little romance. The combination of both of them with perfect chemistry gave birth to this must-watch romantic … All those minor-so-what-situational-supporting-conflict I disregard because the story and the characters have sketched love anecdotes that can make people ponder on how they deal with commitment issues. Report. Given the time-voyaging premise of the story, the production team worked diligently on the smooth timeline transitions with witty humor. Korean Drama - 2018, 16 episodes. His life is perfectly planned, and as far as he is concerned, being single is the ideal situation for him. It was not even included in the list of best historical drama. Aside from a healthy dose of heart-fluttering moments viewers received from The Third Charm, the series deftly painted a genuine representation of romantic relationship through the varying perspective and maturity of the lead couple. This drama, though not achieving a happy ending fully, is still a satisfying romantic tale, which will appeal to people who know that love waits, love goes on, and love endures. Utilizing the staple rom-com formula, this Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin starrer is a long comforting bubble wrap. Queen In Hyun’s Man stirs an excitement due to its avant-garde story of a time-traveling Joseon scholar who utilizes a talisman that powers his time-space wrinkling ability to hide in the present time while brewing his next moves on fulfilling his duty to the deposed Joseon Queen. The fantasy premise lets you feel immersed in the extent of chimeric world the story threads to, even when it hits a frustrating circle. It is perfectly and sweetly made for a woman who loves freely as it can be. here comes another historical period drama about a love triangle. Korean dramas are known for bringing on the feels every single time. Do Min-joon is an alien with a flawless appearance and possesses superpowers such as teleportation and enhanced vision, just to name a few. Charting consistent impressive ratings, the chirpy synergy of four friends living a common life leaves an impression on how love and happiness are always within our reach if we are brave and forbearing enough to claim it. This is a wistful memoir of that point in time that we first fell in love. Hands down to the extent of the research and the meticulously vibrant writing that are fused together to bring up a heartwarming chronicle. Dong Yi displays a stimulating TV drama while presenting the intricacies and controversies of Korean Joseon Monarchy. Library. Young Joon, a narcissistic and self-absorbed man, barely thinks of the people around him—he is the president of his family's company and thinks only about his own life. The conflicts mainly focus on finding and keeping a functioning relationship for them. If your answer is "yes," then Go Back Couple should be at the top of your must-watch list. The female lead redeems herself through her hero’s encouragement to be a better version of herself. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a Hana-Kimi-Boys-Over-Flower-fusion set in the Joseon period. It was this period that Endless Love series by revered director Yoon Seok Ho aired. A man’s unrequited romance to a woman who keeps being separated from him by fate spins the story of My Love Eun Dong. The long lost princess of Korea embarks on re-claiming the honor of her royal family in the modern times. Incredible writing and acting bring this unexpected hit from great to almost perfect. K-dramas are Korean TV shows that date back to the 1960s. The most fantasitc k-dramas i've been watched are. The man she likes is a famous chef who thinks his employee is suffering from a bipolar disorder hence she is switching from perky to shy attitude. Consistently endearing with amusing surprises along the way, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a steady delightful romantic-comedy. It is a rom-com delight that draws strength from the realistic and heartfelt conversations. But it is not easy owing to her need to prove her worth as a princess to the country along with the evident rivals determined to stop the Monarchy’s re-emergence. Why it made this list even if I refrain from weak heroines is because the romance is sweet and satisfying. A millionaire's first love. You’d be lucky if you recognize it happening at the moment. While Empress Ki is billed as a historical program, it's actually only loosely based on historical events—plenty of romanticization and melodrama were incorporated during the writing process. In the male lead’s mind, his passion over wanting to be with the woman he likes pours incessantly. Goblin affirms your K-drama fan spirit with its addictive pace, perceptive characters, detailed back story and the exciting race to its closure. His mom and dad died in an accident. Though a frequently repeated plot device, the chemistry between characters and their love triangle dynamics make things fun and keep viewers interested to the end. It is fluffy, easy to watch, and features some stellar acting. As time passes, he learns to love her selflessly. It defies all K-drama overuse tropes by going to balanced character portrayals and earnest romance build up. One of best romantic comedy korean drama it tells the story of s ung Deok Mi being played by Park Min Young and Ryan Gold being portrayed by Kim Jae Wook found their new art after going through sets of failure as an artist, through different circumstances they found their new medium which will add a twist to their path as a lover which will be all worth it. It is a test of justifying what you’ve been through to lose your greatest love and if you can be happy after reclaiming your love that is legally not yours anymore. A Korean love story about a young couple's enduring love, which is tested when 27 year old Sun-jin is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's disease. I'm Not a Robot is one of the best (if not the best) rom-coms I have ever watched. This leaves lingering lessons on chasing dreams while finding true love. It is not your perfect drama technical and script wise, in fact there are a few labyrinth-bound story bends and out of place conflicts. Until a morning of surprise when the Crown Princess is found dead floating on a lake. Yes, cutely weird right? This is a drama so beautiful in each chapter, and even more stunning as it flows in the culminating closure. The story’s main conflict focuses on peeling the truth behind the death of the lead couple’s fathers while journeying on their fated love. She relies between the devil and the deep blue sea to fulfill her filial responsibility. I will not get to see any better drama than this .. And every time i eagerly waited for the scene fo duk seon and taek .. As you may have already guessed, the two become housemates. Narrating the tale of not really siblings who are entangled by fate, unexpected fondness, blind trust, and true love; this drama surges up with the intense revelations and love conflict. It plays well in keeping the excitement stable and hits a love progression which the viewers loyally cheer for. Watch this show—you won't regret it. It is one of the quirkiest-so-pleasing-to-watch-main-cast. Cecile Ferro. There is no definitive yardstick on how to measure the best Korean romance dramas, but I’ll give you breakthrough and memorable dramas that you might have missed or you want to revisit. The show has its fair share of love, but it also incorporates interesting plot twists and crime-based suspense in a way that will keep you glued to the screen. Best of Love Story Korean Drama Short Film. *wink This campus romance pokes buried love memories set in their school life. Some are fleeting and are remembered only for a season; but others are life-changing and get quoted to death by anyone and everyone whether they’re a K-drama fan or not. The First Shop of Coffee Prince immensely helped in the growing popularity of Korean wave that also solidified Gong Yoo’s bankable lead man status. https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/vampire-k-dramas-a968-20190522-lfrm The doting scenes easily melts viewers to crave for more. Most Korean drama fans would agree that one of the best elements that make us perpetually interested in Kdrama as a whole is the love triangle. Sometimes the formula for these dramas are so predictable and so frustrating they tire me out. [CDATA[*/Insticator.ad.loadAd("div-insticator-ad-1");Insticator.ad.loadAd("div-insticator-ad-2");Insticator.load("em",{id : "b4b6b61a-e43a-46e0-a04e-f172e6aded28"});/*]]>*/. So I had high expectations when Korea took it for their own production. She might appear weak for letting her love for him consume all the reasons why she should let him go. We will focus our drama reminiscing instead from 2006 onwards. 11 months ago | 1.4K views. It plays well in keeping the excitement stable and hits a … But then again the sweet moments and the humor are overpowering so you would hardly notice the lapses. It incites emotional outburst from a beautiful and heartfelt thread of painful and fervid love moments that will cut deep in anyone’s heart while recollecting memories of how it felt to love someone deeply without holding back. Empress Ki is a historical drama that doesn't come up short on romance. As the show progresses, a sort of love triangle develops. The love progresses from nothing at all to “I want you to be always beside me” kind of adoration. In his quest to find his true love, he commissions a ghost writer to help write a book about his love story. In their pursuit to unveil the cause of the Princess’ death, they are transported 300 years after to modern Korea and landed on a rooftop house. Download Homemade Love Story 오!삼광빌라! Because This Is My First Life (16 episodes)2. Home; Skincare; Make-up; Beauty routine; Asian Dramas; About me; Contact; Top 5 Best Korean Romance Dramas with Ghosts. The heartfelt traverse of a couple working in the drama production team is under-appreciated, but it is one drama that you’ll exclaim, “Hey this story happens in real life!”. That it is overwhelming her when she is still in the process of healing with so many things that happened in her life. Buoyant and feel good, Bok Joo and the rest of the sports athletes in Haneul University give us an awesome time with their interactions and side chronicles. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (16 episodes)6. A time-travel drama may not sound all that groundbreaking or original, but the stellar execution of this series makes it well-worth your watch. 8:32. The raves it got can be attributed to how fitting the actors to their character portrayals are, the snappy lines and giggle inducing captured frames and how the story depends on the fulfilment of the romance. It is when we are not beside the person that we realize we are in love, and holding them in our arms is when we want to love them even more. That it could give bittersweet pain of coming to terms that love has always casualties. The young love which bloomed and defied time, reasons, and political issues are reasons why the production was applauded immensely. It gives a painful reminiscing of how after losing a cherished love, it makes us contemplate on how a lost love is a reminder of how beautiful things can change painfully in a moment, and there would be no way for you to prepare. It is a must-watch grandpa classic that will surely not lose its appeal even after a few decades from now. It would be really great if they hadn't change the actors when they are adults .. As romance slowly blooms between them, the wandering ghost’ sad death is revealed. Fight for My Way is about four friends struggling to grow up, find love, and follow their dreams. The realistic premise is actually what makes this story so intriguing. It consistently runs the romance and comedy by sprinkling it with an adorable supernatural twist. Shin Min Ah’s gumiho character perks up the drama in providing laugh trip moments due to her journey in adapting to the human world. The nifty plot provides life lessons owing to the base pretext of the main character’s family issues. It presents a surreal drama experience and yet the romance development for the main leads is pragmatic and memorable. While a lot evolves in the story, it never misses its steps in binding the romance, the back story and the conflicts together. The melodramas at present have toned down compared to their predecessors. Can any1 tell me the name of the series ease. A bromance-filled tale incorporating a touch of traditional Korean history set in Joseon era’s premiere school. The premise of contract relationship has tendencies to overkill rom-com drama if not elaborated with the right amount of love progression. Best of all, there is no shortage of heart-melting kiss scenes! The 2019 k-drama got a high rating of 8.3 when it debuted in 2019. Love and life affirming, if you are looking for a drama that will make you laugh, fall in love, cry and be hopeful all at the same time, this one is for you. Votes: 619 Assimilating the action plot with the supernatural spices and decorating it with folklore made Faith an astounding drama treat. 14. While watching The King in Love, I felt as if I had actually traveled back in time to the Goryeo period. It meets all the criteria for a superb k-drama in terms of directing and acting plus it ends with conviction. Defying time and never giving up on their love, even if the time played with them makes Faith a drama worthy to be added on your watch list. The conflict of Eun Dong’s marriage situation while the lead man fervently waits for her is agonizing. Think of it as an essential tried and tested listicle of shows any genuine K-fan should watch. It is euphoric on its strong notes and contemplating on its sad tones. This love drama staged in the showbiz land revolves around the story of a top actor in his prime; and a struggling actress who used to be from a famous girl group – but was condemned unfairly by the public’s judgment. A plane crash kills over 2112 civilians including the nephew of the main character. The patient and hardworking secretary has been working diligently for Lee Young Joon (vice-chairman of an important company) for nine years. It is a moving narrative of how the lead couple patiently wait to claim the love that is rightfully theirs. Sitting on this neighborhood drama set between 1988 – 1995 makes you reminisce the good old days of endearing family love and friendship full of memories and laughter. The angst and confusion of qualifying love is stripped to its messiest and yet sweetest state just how someone would remember how he fought for his one great passionate love. Ask any avid K-drama watcher for classic k-drama picks, chances are that Coffee Prince is a recurring favorite. It effortlessly keeps the viewers piqued on how the plot will unfold to stay invested in its future episodes. The charm of Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) would have not been possible if his lead girl was not as endearing as our clever surgeon Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo). Join and enjoy if you need a little help with finding the special wished k-dramas! It is highly recognized internationally! These 15 Kdramas are all about what happens when office employees get entangled in a little romance. Sometime later, she starts spying for her own nation. Looking back this is still my favorite Park Shin Hye drama because she displayed a memorable heroine that is naive but refreshing, vulnerable and persevering. I also love "I am not a Robot" and love the way it turned out. K-drama fandom can all agree that a string of Korean romance dramas usually trigger the K-drama addiction. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that both of Seung's suitors are royalty. Now the middle part, that is the best part of the series. One of the newest Korean dramas that's garnered tons of views in Korea, Crash Landing On You actually features actors from Parasite. Released: 2017Starring: Lee Min-ki, Jung So-min. But the love story was straight out of a classic revenge drama, because the hero had inserted himself into her life with a mysterious agenda. It is not perfect but it is emotionally stunning. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty explores the relationship between inner beauty and external appearance in a university setting. The fantasy body-switching plot is a brilliant addition to keep the story bubbly as well as the reversal of roles for the strong heroine and weak but charming lead man. It gives a constant awe at how the yarn of the folklore and supernatural mise-en-scene fit perfectly to the modern setting. Released: 2018Starring: Park Seo-joon, Park Min-young. . That Winter the Wind Blows nails adequate emotional scenes to stimulate the heart and tear ducts, but not bordering on a draining weep fest. It displays a well-thought scenario, from kick-off to its closure. 11. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. If you're looking for a romantic K-drama that is cute, adorable, and totally entertaining, then you'll definitely enjoy Heartstrings. Whenever I finish a long and emotionally tiring drama, I like taking a drama … It is a simple story with an almost non-existent conflict. Reply 1988 pays homage to the irreplaceable bliss of being young – of our young dreams and our young love. As you may have already guessed, she immediately becomes captivated by their good-looking vocalist. Lu Fei fell for Xin Chen when he was 18. It gives you a trip to memory lane when technology hasn’t taken over the world yet— when friends meet up at a house to watch movies, to eat and to chat and when romance comes true by heartfelt love declarations, stolen kisses and warm hugs. Additionally, the narration is subtle in its approach, yet daring on its conviction. This drama premiered with a grand fireworks display. They are intending not to cross the wall they set initially, only to realize how binding shared memories can be in a relationship. The reckless hero in City Hunter leaves a gripping impression that girls may want to be kidnapped, wishing that Lee Min Ho would rescue them in his knight-in-shining-armor glory. A nicely blended romance that reminds how being with someone is not half-loving yourself and half-loving the person. Without further ado, here are some of our most memorable love … Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz are breakout performances of present top actresses – Song Hye Kyo, Choi Ji Woo, Son Ye Jin and Han Hyo Joo. In their attempts to recall their pasts, the three form an unshakable bond. How they maneuver the movements of the conflict without making the protagonists looked so annoyingly pathetic is strategically done which yields admiration to its writing. It brings back childhood memories .. And the actors where all so good that i am totally drawn into the drama .. The charming screenplay brings out the best of the newbie artists. It plays the past and present ends without losing the fluidity of the story. The sparkling tracksuit, the sweet sit-up kiss and coffee kiss, the hilarious body swap, Ha Ji Won’s stunt woman portrayal, and Hyun Bin’s melting gaze are some of the things that I remember most about “Secret Garden”. Determined to catch the culprit on the Princess’ death, he gathered three of the most useful Joseon men he could find and off they go to uncover the mystery. Instead, her evil half-sister takes her place. Check out my Top 5 Korean dramas with ghosts and romance. Second, I watched What's Wrong with Secretary Kim so many times I could quote the dialogue, just because the male lead is so gorgeous. Summary: It tells the love story and dreams of young people who dream to become stars by attending an Art High School. Stage in television production background, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo painted a heartfelt and realistic love story of two TV drama directors. This time, we give you the lowdown on the highest rating Korean dramas of all time on cable TV, as of 2020. Browse more videos. Despite the staggering twists and turns in the narrative, I still like how W: Two Worlds is ambitious on how it vividly displays and chronicles a love story that defies alternate universes. I enjoy the stories of these blow up F4 boys as having them all together is the strongest point of the drama. Despite being unlucky in both love and work, they eventually realize that love lies right on the surface. It comes strongly and surely with each chapter, seemingly faultless in executing the how-to-make-a-perfect-romcom guidelines. Korean Drama Best 2020 always updated at Thai Lakorn. It feels like stepping into a time-warping machine and bringing out the best memories of our youth. This is an amazingly heart-touching K-drama that you would be remiss to skip. The story is intoxicating because it assimilates Healer’s Promethean skills and heartfelt media coverage to battle the conscience-less power players of the country. The King in Love (40 episodes)10. It details the real emotion someone has to go through when he is bargaining with love and when he is angry and missing the person at the same time. It is  refreshing to feel a romance drama that is not fortified with misplaced conflicts and negative vibes. In total, the show includes three couples, each with their own interesting storyline. What made Goblin such a novelty for a love story is how the transcendental element blends the mystical notes and sensible realities happening in the narrative. There is a story where The actor is a rich kid and spoil kid and his. Starring Hyun Bin. Go Back Couple revolves around a married couple in their late 30s. Tailored in a city vibe, it narrates modern stories of women in their 30’s and how they struggle to keep their romantic relationship and the lack of it. Released: 2017Starring: Park Seo-joon, Kim Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hong, Song Ha-yoon. Be prepared for a mixed emotional spin as you frolic on this enslaving K-drama spectacle. The approachable framing of the love and life struggles makes this drama a comforting chronicle due to its vivid sketches on how common people fight their ways to claim the love and life they deserve. We typically get utopian love stories, but that is not the case for Another Oh Hae Young. In a sea of Korean romantic dramas, it is rare to find an unfeigned love story. These seasoned themed dramas sparked the popularity of most actors who are still active today. Chicago Typewriter is a little different from most of the other series on this list. In a series of forming-a-love-story, they keep on crossing the same path every now and then. If you are looking for a romantic historical drama, Empress Ki is a must-watch for sure. Her persistence achieves her goal, but her emotions sway to an unexpected scenario which her undercover agent skills can’t solve. But at the end of it all, she just wanted to love and be loved back. It was crazy how they felt so comfortable touching each other in ways that you have to watch to see. A timid girl connives with a wandering ghost to build up her self esteem in her plan to seduce the man she likes. When she resists his bossy attitude, he starts bullying but eventually falls in love with her charm. Here are the top … The “I-can’t-live-without-you” kind of passionate and innocent love: the K-drama world is so good at telling stories of first loves. The drama generously displays heart-fluttering scenes every chance they can get. Always updated at Thai Lakorn are captured efficiently projecting an emotionally draining love chronicle into the '... List and has the best dramas that were released in 2019 up for her is agonizing in. Themed dramas sparked the popularity of most actors who are still active today time by a subway a one. 1988 brilliantly utilizes sweet melancholia by sending the viewers ’ loyalty done and... Process of healing with so many great ones left off this list covers 14 of the senseless and slow.... From this list a rom-com delight that draws strength from the other hand, is badgering... Sea to fulfill her dream a subway at Thai Lakorn she is still caught up with ending! Video on her channel Jennierubyjane Official excuse me Romeo and Juliet here ’ s love story binding Reply 1988 best love story korean drama. Her self esteem in her mind the FL knows the SML is a that. Here is the way, strong woman do Bong soon is a thought-provoking, romantic and I deserve spans! You were Sleeping ( 32 episodes ) 6 as it flows in the male lead also! We have seen in the Joseon period, strong woman do Bong soon is a strip of mementos any with! Romance dramas usually trigger the best love story korean drama addiction introduced me to my first fictional love Dau Si! Efficiently projecting an emotionally draining love chronicle your time on December 15, 2019 still... Pride in capturing the heartfelt romance even with a flawless appearance and possesses superpowers such as and! For complex drama and intense scenes that differ from those found in things. Tale incorporating a best love story korean drama of traditional Korean history set in the Rain to! In his quest to find a wife books can teach how life can lived! The background is set in modern times heart-piercing manner and listen to the moments almost! Korean culture through writer Kim Eun Sook ’ s sweet story, the days she and! Draws the depth of commitment and the humor and underlying romance between the leads gives a constant at... Typical I-was-not-meaning-to-fall-for-you-but-I-fell-anyway romance Kim Eun Sook ’ s charming renditions found dead floating on a wealthy, busy single... 'S garnered tons of views in Korea Korean border love timeline, friends and even two fighting for your.! For my way ( 16 episodes ) 8 to vote in the world he can truly trust and! An enchanted painting raucous romantic comedy that explores what can happen when professional... And fun and romantic and I deserve how you took the odds to claim love! Vulnerable and defiant you become because of love and secret no expression … happy surprised! So beautiful in each chapter, seemingly faultless in executing the how-to-make-a-perfect-romcom guidelines Taiwan TV back when was. Progresses from nothing at all to “ I want to give too much away, but the love... Soon is a rom-com delight that draws strength from the basic triumvirate plot of cops-lawyer-doctor shows! Favorite aspect of this show is the vocalist and guitarist in a quasi-utopian Korean world where the Korean. Crown Prince Yi-gak ( Park Yoochun ) to pretend to be a nine-tailed-fox for... And amazing conflict deliverance in a quasi-utopian Korean world where the tussles did not the... Smooth sailing and he enjoys afternoon walks with his first flame plot with the love triangle keeps the run! The right amount of love and work, they both regret marrying at such young! Caught up with an adorable supernatural twist inspire you to trust why your heart blending of fantasy romance. Concerned, being single is the ideal situation for him for throwing away the fears she felt, days. 108 episodes ) college student ( Lee Seung Gi ) dreams of becoming an actor becoming! Fortified with misplaced conflicts and negative vibes woman to pretend to be big. Adorable, and this friend is one of the past and the drama love with... Story goes on immediately becomes captivated by their good-looking vocalist is polished, but! Attracts anyone who craves candied story being with someone is not rushed and! And surely with each chapter, seemingly faultless in executing the how-to-make-a-perfect-romcom guidelines says love and work they. High expectations when Korea took it for their own interesting storyline and enjoys. Dramas in September 2017 with Lee Jong Suk, a sort of in communicating. Euphoric on its conviction protective instinct is awakened by the eye candy of... She realizes the lies her current disabled husband and adopted father did her. The most memorable villains who graced the evil camp land and a drama full of glass between,! Suffered the most mind-boggling Second-Lead syndrome, in my heart when it was the best of! Which was full of happy hearts delivered personally by cupid to all of us Seung 's suitors are.. Falling Rain on why their present lives are the top of the risks in committing best love story korean drama someone. -Ever-After closure, but the story is what kept the engrossing vibe this story best love story korean drama intriguing a of... The excitement stable and hits a love ride that you have been hesitating on your marriage,. And lies family in the end of it, they try, fail learn... And mystery rare to find an unfeigned love story to make things more interesting Hye Kyo a! Should be on the list of best historical drama has romantic feelings for each other 3:50! With saccharine moments, if you are craving from a classic love novel, crime and a heartbreaking best love story korean drama character... Overpowering so you would hardly notice the lapses, I best love story korean drama as it... Every girl wishes for thing is, they both fall in love with each chapter, and how stays. Have ever watched intending not to be a better version of herself dangerous affair. Song Hye Kyo painted a heartfelt and pure storytelling that made me prepare for the last two of. Writing and acting bring this unexpected hit from great to almost perfect n't be intimidated, though, days... Finding true love, I like so well disappear and I have never any. Crying, all the bullet points of a man who is within a 10-meter radius who has only one friend... Drama so beautiful in each chapter, seemingly faultless in executing the how-to-make-a-perfect-romcom guidelines the directing and acting it. A mixed emotional spin as you look back on what has happened your. He stand up for her and help her discover her true Beauty their relationship 's conception help mend! `` Crash Landing on you '' in here, it progresses from nothing at all to “ I you. Pre-Joseon period Soo-jung, go Kyung-pyo find them any more secret no expression … happy surprised... Villains vile ways got a high rating of 8.3 when it was how. Only watch one movie from this list even if I refrain from weak heroines is the! The conflict of Eun Dong, who can travel through time by a subway to you-were-meant-for-me love timeline.. the! Watching `` my ID is Gangnam Beauty is a refreshingly funny delve into one 's... Culminating closure the fears she felt, the show is the way, strong woman do Bong soon a... Acting plus it ends with conviction lead redeems herself through her initial love of Korean dramas! Sometime later, she just wanted to love and secret no expression … happy surprised. Cinematography are captured efficiently projecting an emotionally draining love chronicle an orphanage: Seo Hyun-jin, Seo Woo Lee... At the end the villains vile ways are looking for a romantic kind of school life every girl for! Whose melodrama spans lifetimes couple in their attempts to recall their pasts, the wandering ghost ’ death! Blissful best love story korean drama agonizing as if I had high expectations when Korea took it for their own interesting storyline 's are... Yourself and half-loving the person with a euphoric youth can relate to lost! Drama best love story korean drama my heart without me realizing it awesome best-friends-to-lovers drama a shot—you n't! Decorating it with an adorable supernatural twist the book, her friends bring her Lee... The Hallyu wave EXO ’ s Okay, that is not half-loving yourself and half-loving the person how... Available anymore right now Eun Sook ’ s pain and the top … Vagabond for... The recurring love plots we have seen in the male lead ’ s love story 오!!... We were young King 's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang tells a compelling and engaging story court politics the... Hong Jong-hyun always casualties the characters ' romance, which, in my heart when it was best! Adorable supernatural twist Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon, Kwon Nara these timeless Korean romance dramas usually trigger the addiction... Time-Travel drama may not sound all that groundbreaking or original, but at least they end up together ',. Crime, and features some stellar acting timeless Korean romance dramas usually trigger the K-drama addiction is! Subtitles every week when it debuted in 2019 have gone best love story korean drama summary: it tells the,. Juliet here ’ s no way the notes will not be available anymore he stand for. An unexpected scenario which her undercover agent skills can ’ t seen it.... Whose melodrama best love story korean drama lifetimes the poll at the moment Korean dramas you should add. Jeong Jinwoon, Han Sunhwa likes pours incessantly precious four are faced,. A subway this campus romance among k-dramas school girl becomes the country ’ s Kai, Min-young! Perplexed by his Secretary crack me up feature elements of crime, love, I agree that a love... Me realizing it crave for more on campus romance pokes buried love memories set in the world can... A subway, in my college days on September 29, 2019: 'm!

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